Royal Fishing |  Find treasures, beat obstacles, and get excited in this underwater adventure!

777Pub’s Royal Fishing is a gaming sensation that offers a unique mix of adventure and excitement. It will take you on an exciting underwater journey. Players enter a world under the sea that is full of treasures, obstacles, and the thrill of the hunt in this immersive experience. Royal Fishing is a different kind of game experience, with interesting gameplay, smart tool use, and the unique Royal System. As we explore this amazing online gambling game, we will talk about how easy it is to use, its unique features, its multiplayer options, and the tempting prizes that lie deep in the virtual ocean. Find out why Royal Fishing is the best choice for gamers and why it takes you on a trip into the mysteries of the underwater world that no other game does

Royal Fishing is the best online casino in the Philippines

Royal Fishing is the best online casino in the Philippines

With the number of online casinos in the Philippines growing, it’s hard to find the right one that keeps players safe and secure while they play. 777Pub is the best online casino for players from the Philippines to play Royal Fishing.. In this review, we will learn about the world of Royal Fishing and the features, benefits, and services that make it one of the best online fishing games in the Philippines.

Why Choose Royal Fishing?

Royal Fishing is a one-of-a-kind and immersive gaming experience, with beautiful graphics, fun gameplay, and the thrill of a fishing trip. No matter how experienced you are as a gamer or how often you play, Royal Fishing is the right mix of fun and relaxation, making it a great way to escape the everyday. Explore the depths, beat the challenges, and get the rewards in this amazing video game journey.

  • Players are also drawn to the game’s unique events, which make it more likely that they will get prizes quickly and in a spectacular way.

Easy Gameplay with Royal Fishing

The interface of Royal Fishing is designed to be easy for players of all skill levels to use. It’s fun to play because it’s easy to get around, you can aim accurately, shooting is smooth, and the spinning works quickly. The simplified tools get rid of things that aren’t needed, so players can focus on the thrill of the hunt. One of the best things about Royal Fishing is how easy it is to play. It’s easy to get around in the underwater world as you aim, shoot, and pull in your prizes. The simple movements make it fun for players of all skill levels, so they can focus on the thrill of the hunt instead of trying to figure out how to move around. You can easily get into the action and enjoy the thrill of reeling in big catches in a game setting that is easy to use.

Simple Navigation

  • Start by launching Royal Fishing on your preferred gaming platform.
  • Navigate through the underwater world effortlessly using the joystick or arrow keys.

Aim with Precision

  • Direct your crosshairs towards the target with a simple movement of your joystick or mouse.
  • The intuitive aiming system ensures that players of all skill levels can lock onto their chosen prey without difficulty.

Effortless Shooting Mechanism

  • Execute the shot with a single, easy-to-use button press.
  • The uncomplicated shooting mechanism launches your underwater projectile towards the targeted fish or object.

Responsive Reeling In

  • Once you’ve successfully hooked your prey, engage the reel function with another straightforward button press.
  • The responsive controls allow you to feel connected to the underwater world, providing a seamless reeling experience.

User-Friendly Interface

  • The game’s interface is designed for clarity and ease of use.
  • Important information, such as your current score and available ammunition, is presented in a way that doesn’t distract from the immersive experience.

Accessible for All Skill Levels

  • Whether you’re a casual gamer or a seasoned player, Royal Fishing’s controls are crafted to be accessible to everyone.
  • The game eliminates the need for complicated maneuvers, ensuring that the focus remains on the excitement of the hunt.

Enjoy the Thrill of the Hunt

  • Dive into the action effortlessly, thanks to the game’s streamlined controls.
  • Experience the joy of reeling in majestic catches without the frustration of a steep learning curve.

User-Friendly Gaming Environment:

  • Royal Fishing’s easy-to-play design creates a user-friendly gaming environment.
  • Spend more time exploring the underwater scenery and engaging in the thrill of the hunt, as the game minimizes unnecessary complexities.

Weapons and Shooting Features

Royal Fishing has a lot of different guns and shooting features that make the game more fun. Tools like Shrimp Drilling, Loud Noises, Lightning, Crab-shaped Bombs, and Frozen make the game more strategic and give you new ways to get the most prizes.

Shrimp Drilling

When you successfully collect this thing, you get a weapon and your bonus amount is multiplied by 20 to 80.

When this weapon is used, its charge will go through the fish and then blow up. The fish in its blast range will be quickly killed, and you’ll get the fish that are worth the most.

Loud Noises

When you buy this product, you can shoot as many bullets as you want for free for 15 seconds after turning it on. You don’t have to pay any money, no matter how many bullets you can shoot.


When you get this weapon, it will turn on an aura that will attack all nearby fish until they are all gone. When you get Lightning Eels, you’ll also get an extra x60 bonus amount.

Crab-shaped Bombs

If you are able to collect crab bombs, you will get an x70 bonus. If you use this item correctly, it will cause a constant explosion that will kill all nearby creatures quickly.


This is a tool that stops all of the sea creatures in the interface from moving. Frozen is different from other types because you only need 30 gold coins to buy and use it. Other types need to be gathered. There are no limits on this game, so you can use it without worry.

The Royal System

Royal Fishing is built around a unique game system that works well with other parts to make the experience fun and challenging. With features like Torpedoes and the Treasure Bowl, the Royal System makes each fishing trip more challenging and fun.

The Rules of the Royal Fishing Game

Royal fishing is an exciting game that blends strategy, accuracy, and a dash of luck. Let’s look at the main rules that control this exciting pastime.

  • When the player shoots, he gains wrath value. When the value is full, click the button to summon the Dragon Wrath, which will launch a large-scale meteorite attack in the center of the screen.
  • 2. The wrath value bar will be converted based on the proportion of the bet, the released skill will be based on the current bet, and the accumulated wrath value will be emptied when the release is completed.
  • 3. The anger will be erased three minutes after the player exits or disconnects from the game.

Tips on How to Play Royal Fishing

Royal Fishing is a game of skill, luck, and planning. Learn how to play it. Build up your anger, call on Dragon anger, and explore the world below. It’s easy to join the fish-shooting war, pick a betting room, and enjoy the thrills of the Pleasure Room, the Regal Room, the Qianlong Room, or the VIP Room.

If, after reading about the Royal fishing game, you want to join this exciting fish-shooting war and are ready to bet for the first time, here are some steps to follow:

Step 1: Go to a Game Site and Make an Account

  • You can now play this game by logging in to the game site of your choice. 
  • Then, sign up for an account here by giving the bookmaker some easy information.
  • Having a betting account at the game site will help you get the most out of the service.

Step 2: Sign in and Play Royal Fishing

After getting into the betting portal and putting money in, find this game in the Shooting fish area to change the bones of the house.

Step 3: Pick the right place to bet

When you first get to the game’s main screen, you’ll have to choose between one of four betting rooms with different amounts of bets. 

  • Pleasure Room: The Immortal Neptune program with amazing and absolutely random redemption opportunities is the highlight of this room.
  • Regal Room :  if you wish to take part in the summoning event of Dragon’s Wrath, Immortal Neptune, and Former Dragon King.
  • Qianlong Room: This room will have a special event every week where the Dragon King appears with a prize rate of up to x1000, as well as other unique events.
  • VIP Room: A game room for individuals with a lot of money and aren’t scared to take risks.

Step 4: Pick a way to shoot

To shoot fish, you can choose any of the three ways described above. Then, pick the best level you want to use. After

Step 5: Make the moment happen

A game that takes a lot of experience is shooting fish for rewards. You can quickly increase your rate of rewards only after you have shot enough fish and gained enough experience.

So, testing the system is the last thing you need to do. The more you play, the more likely you will win

Game Rewards and Bonuses

Game Rewards and Bonuses

You can improve your Royal Fishing experience by getting daily login bonuses, bonuses during special events, and unlocking awards. A lot of different rewards and prizes show that the game wants to keep players interested.

Daily Login Rewards

If you play Royal Fishing often, you’ll get daily prizes. As a thank you for your dedication to the underwater adventure, these gifts are given to you.

You might get extra ammunition, special weapons, or even special in-game money every day as a gift for logging in. This will help you prepare for your next adventure.

Bonuses for special events

In Royal Fishing, get caught up in the excitement of rare events. Take part in these events to get special prizes and bonuses.

These bonuses, like rare fish species that can only be found during events or special items that can only be found in the game, make things more exciting and keep players interested in the game.

Achievements and Treasures You Can Unlock

To get achievements in Royal Fishing, you have to beat obstacles and reach milestones.

With each success, you can get more treasures, such as powerful special weapons and valuable in-game currency. This method not only rewards skill, but it also makes players want to see more of the underwater world.

How to Read the PayTable?

How to Read the PayTable?

Get the most out of Royal Fishing by learning the PayTable. Find out how many points each type of fish is worth and make a plan for how to get the best score on each trip.

Fish Types and Their Point Values

  • Common fish may only give small amounts of points, but they can be a steady source of income for players.
  • Rare and uncommon species are worth more points, so skilled anglers can get bigger prizes for catching them.
  • Legendary catches, which are like the crown jewels of the underwater world, give the most points and are sought after by players who want to top the leaderboards.

Planning to Get the Most Out of It

  • The PayTable helps players figure out which goals are most important by showing them how many points they are worth.
  • Picking the right mix of targets to get the best score on each trip is part of the strategic gameplay.
  • Making changes to your plan based on the goals and challenges you face will make the game more interesting and fun.

Play at 777Pub

Play at 777Pub

777Pub’s gaming platform is where you can start your Royal Fishing journey. Play in a smooth and safe environment, fight with other underwater explorers, and try to get to the top of the leaderboards.


To unlock special weapons in Royal Fishing, progress through the game by capturing different fish species and completing challenges. As you level up, you’ll gain access to a variety of powerful tools to enhance your underwater arsenal.

The Treasure Bowl in Royal Fishing is a special vessel that, when captured, releases a cascade of treasures, including valuable gems and rare fish species. Keep a sharp eye out for this unique feature, as it can significantly boost your in-game wealth.

Yes, Royal Fishing offers multiplayer options, allowing you to compete with friends or other players in real-time. Join forces to tackle challenging underwater quests or compete head-to-head for the title of the ultimate underwater angler.


There’s more to Royal Fishing by 777Pub than just a game. It’s a journey into the ocean depths full of obstacles, treasures, and the thrill of the hunt. Royal Fishing looks like it will be the best game ever, with simple controls, new features, and a lot of unique tools. Dive in, look around on the ocean floor, and take control of the world below.

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